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As you tick off each item on your buyer due diligence checklist, don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about contracts, leases, cash flow, and logistics. The more you know about the business, the better equipped you’ll be to make an informed buying decision. Many of the downsides of turnkey business come with inheriting someone else’s work. The previous owner will have structured the business to suit their way of doing things and adapting to this as the new business owner can be challenging. As advantageous as turnkey businesses can be, there are a few negatives to counterbalance their many positives.

The term “turnkey” refers to the minimal amount of work and effort needed to operate the business, with the owner simply needing to turn the key to unlock the doors and begin operations. Entering the world of online business is a lot like finding a new house to live in. You can either build one from scratch or buy an existing structure. In short, converting a business to a turnkey business involves taking steps to ensure that the business truly functions correctly and at full capacity after the sale.

turnkey business brokers

When purchasing a turnkey business, you may also be able to take advantage of seller financing. In a nutshell, this process involves the buyer paying a percentage, say 80%, of the sales price upfront, and then essentially borrowing the remaining 20% from the seller. The buyer will then pay off the outstanding balance over a set period of time. Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of turnkey business, turnkey broker the advantages of becoming a turnkey business owner, and how you can go about finding a turnkey online business for sale. The higher degree to which a business is owner-absentee, then the higher the valuation a business will have. If the seller and the seller’s family members do not play an active role in the operation of a business, then the buyer will not need to incur staffing replacement costs.

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The business owner then has to pay ongoing franchise fees or commissions to the franchisor for the rights to use the franchise model and operate under their umbrella. What makes turnkey businesses such an attractive prospect, is the idea of skipping the set-up phase of the business. In many cases, this greatly reduces the number of working hours needed to maintain operational efficiency, allowing entrepreneurs to essentially purchase a cash-flowing asset, not a full-time job.

turnkey business brokers

The benefit of turnkey online businesses in comparison to their physical brick-and-mortar counterparts is that many online businesses models are relatively passive in terms of workload. They also allow entrepreneurs to work from home, or anywhere in the world for that matter. My partner and I used Martin to sell our multi-state home healthcare/staffing company. We were very pleased with Martin’s professionalism, ability to keep his marketing efforts confidential, and the way he qualified all buyers before presenting them to us. When conveying offers to us, Martin was able to explain its many aspects in a clear way we could understand.

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Award Winning Restaurant For Sale Well established restaurant with massive potential for growth. Turnkey businesses are a great opportunity to be your own boss without having to spend sleepless nights creating a brand new business that may not succeed. Full-service brokers like Empire Flippers also hold your hand through the negotiation and migration processes, greatly reducing the risk of important details falling through the cracks. The benefit of buying through a private sale is that you are in the driver’s seat throughout the whole process, dictating your own terms and timelines. The downside is that you have no one to fall back on if things get complicated. While some of these problems can’t be avoided, others can be mitigated by performing thorough due diligence before purchasing a turnkey business.

turnkey business brokers

If the buyer receives a business without management and trained staff in place, however, then it is not functioning correctly and thus not a turnkey business. The concept of a business buyer only having to ‘turn a key’ before beginning operations must also include the management and staff necessary to properly operate the business. Many online businesses, if properly structured, are relatively passive and simple to maintain. This means that, like turnkey businesses, online businesses are often easy to wrap in a bow and pass on to a new seller.

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Without his knowledge, rational opinions, candor and endless patience I am absolutely certain we would not have sold. We have zero hesitation in commending not only his services but also Martin personally, as a broker to anyone proposing to sell a business. Jim’s business is thus not a turnkey business because it will not function correctly nor operate at full capacity after the sale . An intact management team and fully trained staff that is transferable to the buyer will go a long way toward making a business turnkey. Lastly, an important asset that is often overlooked is ongoing support from the seller of the business. A genuine turnkey business should equip the buyer with everything they need to run their business.

The beauty of a turnkey business is that the startup phase is already complete, and the teething problems have been endured and solved by someone else. To be considered turnkey, a business doesn’t necessarily have to be profitable, but it can’t be heavily impacted by problems like broken processes or missing infrastructure. My wife and I worked with Martin during the sale of our business. Martin remained calm, reasonable and a safe pair of hands throughout.

If you’d like some more guidance on how to buy a turnkey business, schedule a call with one of our expert sales advisors who will walk you through everything you need to know. You can use the various filters to narrow down your ideal monetization type, price, etc. We also conduct interviews with many of the sellers to help buyers get a feel for the business and the seller they’ll be doing business with.

When many people hear the word “turnkey” they immediately think of franchises. While turnkey franchises and turnkey businesses share many similarities, they are not the same thing. They worked very hard to find the right business for me while offering their support and guidance thru the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a business. BizQuest offers the perfect solution with a selection of turnkey businesses for sale. Turnkey businesses are bought outright, with the seller of the business having no say over future operations.

Being able to demonstrate the business’s profitability and growth potential greatly increases your chances of successfully applying for a loan. The new business owner doesn’t have to spend time sourcing suppliers, materials, and employees. They don’t have to establish a product-market fit or piece together a reliable supply chain. Most importantly, they don’t have to endure the inevitable mistakes that are made during the startup trial and error process. Turnkey businesses come complete with an established customer base, brand recognition, and a proven track record, providing the new owner with a solid foundation to build on. Turnkey business opportunities often have higher net profit margins than turnkey franchise opportunities, as the business owner doesn’t have to pay any ongoing fees or commission.

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If your looking to buy or sell your business, we are the firm for you. All our Business Brokers have have been past business owners and know what it takes to operate a successful business. We enjoy helping business owners reach their goal of either selling to retire or expanding their empire, Turnkey is here to help while keeping the process simple. Call us to set up a FREE Valuation of your business to see what it is worth in today’s market so you can plan accordingly. The best way to make a business into a truly turnkey business prior to its sale is by de-emphasizing the owner’s role and responsibilities. The higher the degree to which the seller is absentee, then the easier it will be for the buyer to operate the business.

  • You can use the various filters to narrow down your ideal monetization type, price, etc.
  • Most importantly, they don’t have to endure the inevitable mistakes that are made during the startup trial and error process.
  • All our Business Brokers have have been past business owners and know what it takes to operate a successful business.
  • Turnkey businesses are a great opportunity to be your own boss without having to spend sleepless nights creating a brand new business that may not succeed.
  • We may be a little biased, but the Empire Flippers marketplace is the ideal place to find turnkey online businesses for sale.

Specifically, the seller should de-emphasize and if at all possible eliminate their direct dealings with customers, suppliers, and employees. The seller should also be sure to pass along any marketing responsibilities to subordinates. Most entrepreneurs dream of one day stumbling upon the perfect turnkey business that offers complete freedom and unlimited income potential.

How to Sell A “Turnkey” Business

On the other hand, Jim is a very active owner-operator and functions as the day to day manager of the business. You have been logged in, please wait while we refresh your search experience. Popular luxury car service Turn key, Profitable and Recession Proof.

True turnkey businesses include all the necessary elements to begin operating and collecting profits immediately. Buying a turnkey business can be as simple as investing in direct sales or MLM opportunities. However, certain franchises, or any established business that’s ready to open its doors and start making sales, can also be considered a turnkey business. Turnkey businesses are often fairly expensive because they’re are ready-to-go, mature assets that are proven to be functional or profitable. Many business sellers who play active roles in running their business mistakenly think that they are selling a turnkey business`.

Turnkey business solutions are most commonly bought from online business brokers or through private sales. The creator of a franchise, otherwise known as a franchisor, creates a business model that is then sold to business owners as a turnkey solution. After purchasing a franchise business, the new business owner enters into a contractual relationship with the franchisor.

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Franchises operate as an umbrella, with each business under the umbrella forming part of a chain, all using the same business name and branding. Generally speaking, Larry’s home healthcare agency will receive a much higher valuation than Jim’s home healthcare agency. All staff members report to Jim and Jim directly handles all the marketing and interactions with referral sources.

What Is A Turnkey Business?

Many people believe that buying a business through a broker is more expensive than private sales as they think they are absorbing some of the broker’s fees and commissions in the sales price. Sellers are liable for all fees, they are not included in the price of the business. Apart from the initial cost of purchase, the buyer of a turnkey business likely won’t have to outlay large sums of money to maintain the business as all the necessary elements should already be in place. The owner can choose to invest extra capital to facilitate growth as and when they please.

The absorption of these replacement costs by the buyer reduces the net profits or owner benefit that the buyer may expect from the business. This in turn lowers the valuation of the business (since the valuation depends on the buyer’s anticipated profits). We may be a little biased, but the Empire Flippers marketplace is the ideal place to find turnkey online businesses for sale. A turnkey business describes a business that is ready to use in its existing condition by a buyer immediately upon transfer. Importantly, the business must be functioning correctly and at full capacity when received by the buyer in order to truly be considered a turnkey business. Start-up businesses may qualify as turnkey businesses so long as trained staff and management is in place and transferable to the buyer.

Turnkey Businesses Have Higher Valuations

Many people leave the corporate 9-5 grind seeking freedom over their time, to become their own boss, and have control over their earning potential. But not everyone enjoys the challenge of building an online business from scratch. The extent to which a business may be characterized as a turnkey business is of major importance to the ultimate valuation and purchase price of the business. This lower expected owner benefit (with higher risks of losing referral sources in Jim’s absence) will serve as the baseline for the buyer’s valuation for Jim’s home healthcare agency.